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NYC Pop Artist, Jaevon "It's Bubbles Bitch" Chose Our "Vicious In Season" Leggings Set as the Perfect Foreground for her "Cookie" music video. 


About SarahLuxxApparel

in Sarah's words... 

The year 2020 left a lot to be desired in terms of freedom and fleeting moments of enjoyment. I am the fashion designer for this website. I remember clearly stealing my freedom during brisk early morning walks smiling to myself like I was getting away with a crime when I could slip off my mask and gulp in gusts of fresh air before returning to my cramped one room apartment in Wakefield. 

These walks became so routine that I started to walk holes into my leggings. Literally! Eventually, I needed more so I started my consumer search for leggings that would stretch enough to fit properly on my 5'9" frame up over my big bottom without being see through and without rolling down when I'm walking, Everything I found was a shot in the dark on fit AND forced me to settle for dark because every pair was black!

Unable to party and hang out, I started to create looks I wanted to wear and just weren't available for big women like me. It was like the industry was telling me to be ashamed of myself and cover up in black.  Once I realized I could revolutionize the leggings industry, my business begun.




in Cece's words... 

Popular plus size YouTuber, Cece's Fashion is My Passion describes her experience with the fabric, feel and fit of our leggings. 



in Antreina's words... 

Jewelry designer, the Queen of Clip On Earrings, Antreina Stone was one of our first customers when the website was BBWBADDIEAPPAREL,COM and she openly expressed her love for the looks. Antreina coined the name Luxe but that spelling couldn't be trademarked so we settled for Luxx. Here she shares her experience with the feel and fit, 

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