My name is Sarah Luxx and I just want to tell you about these collections of mine,

The Collection of Nine

each of which shares a part of who I am inside.

1. BBW BADDIE SIGNATURE - inner city gritty, BOLD, don't care about your stares but I like when you look (and I made sure my 4X-6X can fit SSBBWs! Follow me on IG @sarahluxxapparel)

2. RAZOR EDGE - more than just bold, it's sharp. Turns pain into works of art.

3. On Stage -for the little me who used to dance around the house and sing into a bottle to a crowd of thousands dressed like Janet Jackson in Control. I been on stage!

4. BUTT LIFTERS - sporty, great compression for working out! An entire surgical procedure to make that bum pleasing to the eye! (XS - 3X)

5. COUTURE INSPIRED - homage to the teenage me who saved her pennies to buy Vogue every month and stayed up on all the high fashion designers.

6. PETIT CLUB - All my friends are small so duh (XS - XL)

7. SLIMMING - This is the collection I can really put my styling expertise into to create designs even vibrant patterns that lengthen the figure.

8. UNISEX - I got tired of men constantly saying, "so, nothing for me?" Can't be a girly girl all the time so I applied a little grasshopper to a lot of these pieces to show me hopping between energies.

9. ACCESSORIES - we all need little things


Sarah Luxx

244 Madison Avenue #1384 New York, NY 10016

Email:  bbwbaddietm@gmail.com

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